Life to Live

It Is Not Okay.

The other day I was browsing through my social media when I came across a disturbing video. It was a deleted Instagram post that someone had reuploading on facebook. In the video, there was a group of white cheerleaders from a local high school hanging out in what appears to be a dressing room. The camerawoman pans across the room saying  “one, two, three, four, how many N****rs are in my store” and the rest of the room goes wild, laughing hysterically. I watched the video three times, just out of shock, I sat there thinking “what is wrong with these girls?” The girls presumably got backlash for the video because the person that reuploaded it mentioned that the girl begged him to take it down.

If you don’t see what was wrong with the video, you don’t understand the problem with race relations in America.

Recently a white person made a joke about Cubans, asking if it was hard to just swim a couple feet to land in Florida. I made a comment on how that joke can be seen as insensitive, and that the person shouldn’t say that around Hispanics, more specifically Cubans. They told me that it was okay because Cuba was literally super close to Florida and that they knew Cubans.

If you don’t see why this joke was offensive, you don’t understand the problem with race relations in America.

In my sociology class, we were looking at racial stereotypes and how people from different backgrounds view race relations in America. According to a survey done by PEW Research Center in 2016, 41% of the white people interviewed believed that too much attention is paid to racial issues in America. 45% said that race relations were bad in America.

If you don’t see why this is ironic, you don’t understand the problem with race relations in America.

If you continuously make offensive jokes, comments or videos, and fail to see that racial issues still exist in 2018, then you’re part of the problem. Just because Martin Luther King died fighting for the freedom of African Americans, doesn’t mean racism no longer exists. Just because I am a legal citizen doesn’t mean everyone else is, and you can poke fun at everyone who isn’t.  And just because you have friends of a certain racial background does not mean you are allowed to spew out profanities.

News flash you haven’t caught the hint:

  1. If you are white, it is not okay to make racist jokes or comments.
  2. If you have never experienced racism or stereotyping, you can’t say racism does not exist.
  3. Just because we think there is still inequality between the races does not mean we hate white people, it means we just want change.