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Why I returned my iPhone X

I was so excited to get the iPhone X. I mainly wanted it just for the portrait cameras. So I pre-ordered it, with it arriving in December. Since I’m impatient, I went to an Apple store on the release date, and bought the phone (while canceling the online order one ofc.) I had the phone for a week, until I decided I couldn’t deal with it anymore. It took three steps to unlock my phone. I would have to either double tap the screen or press the unlock button so it lights up. Then, I’d have to look at it for it to recognize my face to unlock it. Lastly, I have to swipe up to go to my home screen. It took three steps to unlock my phone, rather than just pressing the home button to unlock it right away. Moreover, Face ID was so inconvenient. I would always have to look at my phone, and make sure the lighting is good enough for it to unlock my phone. I can’t try to unlock my phone discretely, or even wear sunglasses. Moving on, the swiping features were annoying. I tried convincing myself that it was more convenient, but it really wasn’t. I missed the home button so much! Swiping from app to app was annoying, because sometimes I didn’t mean to exit the app by scrolling up,  but I did. Also, it was a longer process to fully exit out of an app. you would have to swipe up, hold down on the screen, and then it’ll let you fully swipe away apps and fully exit out of them. I was also annoyed with how you would have to swipe on the right side down, to get to those little features like music, clock, wifi, etc. Also, the screen looked dumb with the little notch in there that’s left black. They should’ve just made it straight out horizontal, instead of having a cutout of the screen just for the camera and stuff. Sometimes, the upper screen didn’t even work. I couldn’t go back because the arrow at the top didn’t read my touch. But maybe it was just my phone glitching out, just like how people reported it not working in the cold weather. Apps glitched out as well, and I couldn’t use the apps correctly. Instagram also stretched out my photos whenever I tried taking a boomerang with my phone. The stretched out the photos made the people in my photos looked elongated.. I thought they were slender man for a second. The phone itself is gorgeous, but it looks similar to the iPhone 8. The front screen looks like an android, and it bugged the heck out of me! The phone was also heavier than the 8, and they both had wireless charging.

Overall, the iPhone X just wasn’t worth $1000. It had glitches here and there that can’t be fixed with a software update. It makes sense because this is there first go around with this new feature. It just had more cons than pros… and mostly, it’s just so hyped up that makes you want it even more! I love the home button and that’s what makes apple, apple.

I ended up switching to an iPhone 8+. The reasons why I chose the 8+ was that it has the portrait camera and a freaking HOME BUTTON.


Items to Use

Jen’s favorite beauty products (so far)

I obsess over more hair products than makeup products, since I’m not too big on using foundation, concealer, or anything like that. My normal makeup routine consists of moisturizer, eyeliner, mascara, and filling in my brows. However, if I’m breaking out, I use a foundation stick to try to cover up my acne. When it comes to my hair, oh my gosh, I use everything on it. I always use a hair mask and I always use oil on it to make it look sleek and feel soft.

My hair and skin type:
My hair is dry, damaged, and color treated. I use heat on it everyday (blow-dry + straighten) and currently, my hair has a caramel balayage to it.
My skin type is dry and acne prone.

Here are the items I love right now:

Moisterizer: Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet ($39 for 1.3oz) + Caudal Vinosource S.O.S Thirst Quenching Serum ($49 for a 1oz)
Although it’s really pricey, I really love it. I got the pair from Sephora as those free birthday gifts and I fell in love with them! It made my skin not dry out and really smooth. I stopped using it for a week and my skin became really dry again so I believe this thing works! Another moisturizer that works well for my skin is Aveeno  Absolutely Ageless Daily Moisturizer SPF 30 ($21.99 for 1.7oz). I love it!
Eyeliner: I’ve been using eyeliner for years and what I’ve come to love and only use are liquid eyeliners. I hate gel liners and pencil liners. With liquid liners, I love that it’s easier to create a “wing” and it doesn’t even smudge like gel and pencil liners. However, I don’t swear by all liquid liners – I only swear by Eyeko liquid liners (~$22). I received it in a birchbox awhile ago, and I’ve been re-purchasing it ever since. I use both the “fat” and “skinny” one. For the fat one, I use it to line my eye. For the skinny one, I use it to create a wing. It is SO SO SOOOO easy to use and it stays on for so long! I often sleep in my makeup because I’m so lazy, and it’s still there when I wake up.
Mascara: Okay, I’ve never really stuck with one brand of mascara, but right now, I’m currently using superhero mascara from it cosmetics ($24.) The mascara isn’t bad, but if there is something better out there, of course I would jump on that. One of my past favorites is the 
Benefit They’re Real! Lengthening Mascara ($24.) That mascara is sooooooo good. Better than the ‘Better than sex mascara!’ It does wonders to lengthen my lashes and make it look thick, without needing eyelash extensions!
Filling in them brows: I swear by Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade ($18) or their Brow Wiz ($21.) The better bang for you buck is the pomade. It lasts soooo long (3, 4, 5, 6 months?) and it looks soo natural. The brow wiz is amazing as well, but it didn’t last that long (maybe a month and a half?) I used the same brand’s #12 brush to apply my pomade ($18), so it does add up! BUT, you can reuse the brush, and just buy a new pomade instead of throwing away the brush as well when you throw away the brow wiz.

Shampoo & conditioner: ​I have used soooo many shampoos. I never buy the same shampoo again. I’ve spent so much money on them it’s crazy. Lately, the one I really like is TRESemmé Expert Selection Repair & Protect 7 Shampoo+conditioner ($5 each). I received a sample in my cosmo mag and I automatically fell it love with it. It smells so freakishly good and it makes my hair so soft!! Also, I might also buy it again – something I never do! Trust me when it comes to this. I’ve use Redken, Matrix, OGX, Biolage, and more! Tresemme is so affordable and it works magic on my hair! ANOTHER THING that I really like to use from time to time to really clean my scalp is Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt ($19 for a mini – 2.7oz). This really cleans my scalp and makes my hair feel squeaky clean! 
Mask: ​ I love Joico’s K-PAK Color Therapy Luster Lock Mask ($19.99 for 4.7oz). It smells amazing and after I use it, my hair feels so so soft. I’ve used soo many hair masks and this one is the best. I also used their K-PAK intense hydrator and I don’t love it as much as this one.
Heat Protectant: OGX Protecting + Silky Blowout Thermal Primer Cream ($9 for 5oz). This thing smells so good and it makes my hair feel pretty soft afterwards and not heavy. I normally just use a heat protector when I blow dry my hair and not when I straighten it because I feel like if I have product in my hair before straightening, it makes my hair dryer than it usually is.
Dry Shampoo: Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo ($22) is the best dry shampoo out there!! I’ve tried soooo much dry shampoos (batiste, herbal essence, Klorane, R+Co, Dove, Aussie, and more) and they either make my hair feel dry or leave residue, and this one doesn’t! It also smells so darn good as well!
Bumble and bumble. Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil ($40) is so worth it. It is my favorite oil by far! It smells lovely – but not too strong – and it doesn’t weigh my hair down at all! I barely know it’s even there! It also makes my hair super soft, and that’s so nice because my hair is so damaged and dry! I’ve tried out a lot of hair oil from drug stores and Sephora or Ulta and this hair oil is by far the best of the best!!

Body Wash: you are AMAZING lavender field exfoliating body scrub & wash ($4 for 8oz.) I love their body washes and how cute their design is! They smell so good and they lather up so well! There are different smells as well so feel free to try it out and let me know which one you like!
Face Wash: SUNDAY RILEY Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser ($45 for 4.2oz.) Okay, at first, I didn’t like this face wash at all! It smelled a little funky (like clay,) and I wanted something more fruity. Keep in mind I got this in my Birchbox though. Anyways, I ended up using it a lot because I was lazy to go buy another one and I ended up really liking it and noticed results. My pores were a lot smaller, and I didn’t break out as often as other face washes! The bottle says it deep cleanse, balances, and minimize pore and I see all of it!
Bath Bombs:  I use a lot of bath bombs, and I hate using the same one twice, even if I like it so much. I just love being surprised by what color the water turns or how it looks after it all fizzes away. The only bath bombs I buy are from LUSH, ofc. I would recommend which ones I like, but usually they switch things up and it no longer exists!