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I’m Jenny! I’m currently a third year in college studying health, society, and policy. I aspire to change healthcare to provide better healthcare access to low income minorities! In my free time, I love traveling and visiting new places, even if it’s just a restaurant or a shop that’s local. I travel a lot with my boyfriend, so you’ll see him a lot in my pictures. We’re both adventure junkies. My style ranges from being modern to minimalistic. I love gold accents and anything cute. Thanks for reading my posts!

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Hello, I’m Dahlia, a twenty year-old, aspiring writer and current education major. Laughing my way through life because I’m too old to care, and too young to know how to cope otherwise.  I worry about everything, yet I can’t seem to stop reading, so I write.  Write about emotions, situations, people, and mental illness  in the hopes to make someone out there feel a little less lonely. Currently in that limbo state between adolescence and adulthood, join me as I figure out what I’m doing.

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