Life to Live

I’ve changed my major three times in two years

I went to college with the aspiration of becoming a doctor. I started out wanting to major in chemistry because I loved it so much in high school. After meeting with the advisor, I was uninterested in it and overwhelmed, so I switched to biology. I took a lot of biology courses and I hated it – even though a part of me wanted to love it. I had friends who took the course with me, and of course, they loved it. So I just kept telling myself I should like it too. I studied hard, but it wasn’t enough. I hated the material, it bored me, and I just didn’t want to try. I thought every biology major was like this; they hated their major but only put up with it cause it’ll get them into med school. One day, I decided to meet with a pre-professional advisor. She asked me “why are you majoring in this if you hate it?” I told her it was because it’ll get me into med school. She asked me is that the only reason? And I said yeah, why else?? We kept talking and she showed me new majors to see if it’s something that I like AND it meets the requirements for med school. I decided to give my new major a try for a semester: Health, Society, and policy.

I fell in LOVE with it!! Honestly, why didn’t I switch earlier?! I learned about healthcare in a new aspect, something you don’t get to learn in cell bio! I was amazed by how much I loved my major so much that I enjoyed all of my courses and passed it with flying colors. I never dozed off in my classes, unlike when I was in my biology classes (I would always be on my phone in those classes.) It was just so refreshing to learn about something I like!

So here’s a lesson: major in something you love, even if it’s not the easiest route to getting into your pre-professional career. Also, don’t think you have to like that major because your friends do. They’re not you!



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