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Why I returned my iPhone X

I was so excited to get the iPhone X. I mainly wanted it just for the portrait cameras. So I pre-ordered it, with it arriving in December. Since I’m impatient, I went to an Apple store on the release date, and bought the phone (while canceling the online order one ofc.) I had the phone for a week, until I decided I couldn’t deal with it anymore. It took three steps to unlock my phone. I would have to either double tap the screen or press the unlock button so it lights up. Then, I’d have to look at it for it to recognize my face to unlock it. Lastly, I have to swipe up to go to my home screen. It took three steps to unlock my phone, rather than just pressing the home button to unlock it right away. Moreover, Face ID was so inconvenient. I would always have to look at my phone, and make sure the lighting is good enough for it to unlock my phone. I can’t try to unlock my phone discretely, or even wear sunglasses. Moving on, the swiping features were annoying. I tried convincing myself that it was more convenient, but it really wasn’t. I missed the home button so much! Swiping from app to app was annoying, because sometimes I didn’t mean to exit the app by scrolling up,  but I did. Also, it was a longer process to fully exit out of an app. you would have to swipe up, hold down on the screen, and then it’ll let you fully swipe away apps and fully exit out of them. I was also annoyed with how you would have to swipe on the right side down, to get to those little features like music, clock, wifi, etc. Also, the screen looked dumb with the little notch in there that’s left black. They should’ve just made it straight out horizontal, instead of having a cutout of the screen just for the camera and stuff. Sometimes, the upper screen didn’t even work. I couldn’t go back because the arrow at the top didn’t read my touch. But maybe it was just my phone glitching out, just like how people reported it not working in the cold weather. Apps glitched out as well, and I couldn’t use the apps correctly. Instagram also stretched out my photos whenever I tried taking a boomerang with my phone. The stretched out the photos made the people in my photos looked elongated.. I thought they were slender man for a second. The phone itself is gorgeous, but it looks similar to the iPhone 8. The front screen looks like an android, and it bugged the heck out of me! The phone was also heavier than the 8, and they both had wireless charging.

Overall, the iPhone X just wasn’t worth $1000. It had glitches here and there that can’t be fixed with a software update. It makes sense because this is there first go around with this new feature. It just had more cons than pros… and mostly, it’s just so hyped up that makes you want it even more! I love the home button and that’s what makes apple, apple.

I ended up switching to an iPhone 8+. The reasons why I chose the 8+ was that it has the portrait camera and a freaking HOME BUTTON.



One thought on “Why I returned my iPhone X

  1. Marieel Zamora says:

    This is really insightful! Honestly, I think the only reason people have gotten it is bc of the aesthetic and not functionality. You’re a wonderful writer.


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