Places to See


This place is gorgeous! Everything here is so cheap – food, attractions, hotels, etc. The only thing expensive was getting here! Tickets were around $1200 RT. We tried paragliding, or actually, I don’t think that’s what it’s called, but it costed us around $50 per person to do it. We went to an amusement park for about $40 a ticket that involved a ferry and a sky coaster thing. We also did a tour where they pick you up and take you to places for maybe… $60 per person? Which wasn’t bad because they fed us, had wifi on the bus, and paid for admissions to everything. Jose and I bought so many souvenirs at a night market, where you bargain for the things you want. I was terribly bad at it, and got ripped off a lot so I made my family members do it for me. American style food here is a hit or miss… well, mostly a miss. Jose kept trying to order american style food once in a while and it always turned out to taste gross. They have UBER here! that’s what we mostly used for everything that wasn’t walking distance.

​If you would like to go to Vietnam, just let me know and i’ll try to piece everything together again! It has been over a year since I went!


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