Places to See

The big apple – New York

If you’ve read my post before, you would know I plan everything last minute. This trip was also planned last minute and our day’s events were planned the day of… but  it was a success!

Lets start out with flight prices:
the cheapest tickets we found three weeks before our trip in July were around $250. however, we didn’t score those tickets because we thought that if we waited, it would be cheaper. we were wrong. prices went up to $400, sometimes even $500. We ended up getting tickets for $300. How? We bought one way tickets instead of a round trip. we flew into NY and flew out from boston. It was just cheaper that way and we planned on visiting Boston anyway.

So, here’s our travel details
fly from SLC –> NY (laguardia is a cheaper airport to fly to than JFK. a little disappointed, but my wallet was happy. )
greyhound from NY –> BOS (tickets were around $20 and it was a 4hr bus ride)
fly from BOS –> SLC

If you are going to NY with a couple of friends like I did, I recommend using airbnb when picking accommodations. It’s a site where people rent out their living spaces and some are really cheap! Now, where should you stay? Not the Bronx… or I mean, you could. that’s where we stayed but the area was a little sketchy at times and since we always came back to our house late at night, it wasn’t the best neighborhood to be walking around at that time. i’d say stay in manhattan or brooklyn. the downside of bronx was also that it took awhile to get to the city – about half an hour maybe.

We took the subway/metro on days when we weren’t lazy to walk a few blocks to the station. tickets costed, if i remember correctly, about $3? Actually, that could be a charlie ticket in boston. Maybe it was cheaper in NY. I’m not sure but either way, it was cheaper to take the subway than to uber when we all combined the cost of our subway tickets vs. splitting an uber.

So, where should you visit?

– Times square (free)
*it’s unreal when you’re standing in the middle, looking around.
– central park (free)
* this park is HUGE and we tried completing it within two days but we never did. It was just way too big and we ended up walking to the streets and taking an uber.
– St. patrick’s cathedral (free)
– Rockefeller center (free)
-Top of the rock: inside rockefeller center (roughly $40)
*Yes, it’s pricey but it’s my favorite spot to see the city/skyline. they have many levels to see the view, so you don’t have to worry about it being crowded, as you also have to reserve a time to go as well.
– radio city music hall (free from the outside hahah)
-Museum of Modern Art (I think we got in it for free because it was on a day and during the hour that they’re free admissions)
– grand central terminal (free, unless you use the subways of course)
* xoxo, gossip girl
– brooklyn bridge (free)
* cutest bridge ever.. but also a busy, touristy populated bridge.
– Staten island ferry to see the statue of liberty (free)
* we didn’t want to pay to go see the statue because crown tickets were sold out and the pedestal tickets weren’t worth it so we just took a free ferry to staten island which passes by the statue. You’ll also walk past a lot of RUDE scammers on your way into the building for the ferry, telling you you need to purchase a ticket but you don’t. DON’T LISTEN TO THEM.
– Little italy
– Chinatown
– 9/11 memorial and museum
-Madison square park / flatiron
– the high line
*an old railroad area turned into a scenic view
-empire state building (roughly $40)
* we went during the sunset and it was packed. they don’t make you choose a designated time to go. instead of waiting in a line to use the elevator to go up 8 levels to the very top, we had to skip the line and take the backway – the stairs. the workers let us, and everyone else who wanted to take the stairs to see the sunset at the top quicker, which was really nice of them. however, when we got to the very top, it was jam packed and you honestly couldn’t see much. people hogged the front, recording the sunset with their electronics and we were stuck in the back. I used my selfie stick and stuck it to the front in order to get decent pictures. not worth it. top of the rock was so much better.

We tried sticking to home cooked meals, as brenda (a friend of mine) cooked us delicious breakfast every morning and we ended up ordering pizza a lot. However, when we didn’t, these were where we went.
– ($$)
* the aesthetic is a little weird… but their food wasn’t bad
– Wu Kong (closed now)
– sagaponack bar & grill ($$)
* this place had the best seafood and fries! Jose and I love clams and we ordered 2 dozens for only $20 and it even came with fries!
– made by pauline ($$)
*they sell macaroons in the biggest Macy’s ever, but they were mediocre.
– Tony’s Di Napoli ($$)
*we were in times square and wanted to celebrate Brenda’s birthday so we decided to eat here, since she wanted italian. they seated us even though we didn’t have a reservation and their customer service was great. The food portion sizes were for sharing with 2-4 people. we ordered two entrees and it filled all four of us up. since we were celebrating a birthday, they brought us tiramisu with a candle in the middle and sang to her.
– hot dogs stand (idk)
*Brenda told us that they are called “dirty dogs” here and that we shouldn’t eat them… so as Brenda and I separated from the boys to go shopping, they went to go eat hot dogs behind our backs.


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