Things to Do

Sweat it out

In high school, I took yoga classes because it was an easy A. I didn’t care for it, and I never liked it. I didn’t understand why anyone did Yoga for fun.

In College, I decided to try out hot yoga at Scholé Yoga one night (with Dahlia) because it was free & I was free.

We thought we knew what we were expecting, but it turns out we didn’t. The setting was dim, turning to darkness as we closed our eyes. The room was hot, full of heat irradiating from our bodies and the mechanics used to create a heated room. We relaxed, stretched, and sweated. It was intense, but the feeling of relaxation afterwards overwhelmed it. We felt like we were on top of the world, and that we had our lives together.

I recommend everyone to try out hot yoga at some point in their life. take a class. what’s there to lose?



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