Places to See

Spiral Jetty x Golden Spike

Jose and I wanted to explore attractions in utah a little more, so we decided to take a trip to see the spiral jetty. It was a one day trip, because that’s when we were both available. The drive is a few hours and kind of confusing. We didn’t plan on visiting the golden spike, but it was on the way there so might as well. This is where the east and west railroads crossed, i believe. they had more things in their museum, but i can’t remember if this was free or not to see… either way, it was cool to see this in real life. Moving onto the spiral jetty, the roads were confusing. We got to the point where gps was telling us the wrong route so we had to find it on our own. we drove past a sign that said we were trespassing private property but jose told me it was the right path… turns out, it was. strange, right? parking was tight and there were flies everywhere! after we walked down to the artwork, it was just beautiful… i recommend taking a blanket and having some sort of picnic here!


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