Places to See

San Francisco

For the past two years, I’ve visited San Francisco at least once during that year and I still haven’t finished exploring the area. However, I’ve explored enough to write this post!

Travel expenses:
we always drove here since it was about 11 hrs? We stopped in Reno and sometimes we spent the night there but other times we would just stop to eat. I believe it costs us about $100 for gas to SF and maybe $100 again to drive home.

Places to see and the costs:
– golden gate bridge ($7 for fastrak fees if you’re driving across it or free if you park your car and walk over it .. be aware, it’s kind of a long walk but if I can do it, you can too!)
– hill trail: hiking up to see a view of southern san francisco (free)
– pier 39, fisherman’s wharf, and everything else it has to offer near there (free)
– alcatraz: tour the prison and learn about their history (around $35 for adults?)
*if you’re like me and plan your trip a few days beforehand, you won’t be able to score alcrataz tickets since they sell out FAST! instead, we had to wait in line at the ticket booth around 4am on the day of to score some tickets. They don’t open their booth till 7:30am, but trust me, if you  want tickets, you need to make some sacrifices. We waited around until, say, 6:30am when they handed us a ticket that allows us to purchase the actual ticket to get on the ferry and head to the island. They also sell hot chocolate, coffee, and donuts around 6am! Some people tell you that you can’t get out of line to go use the restroom but everyone did it all the time so don’t worry and go pee.
– chinatown (free, unless you buy souvenirs)
*be ready to drop all of your money in this area.
– palace of fine arts (free)
*they have a little area where you can play jenga, bean bags, and purchase some drinks!
– Banksy masterpieces (free)
* my boyfriend loves banksy, and we ended up spotting one in san francisco. we tried looking for more, but some were painted over and no longer exists!
– lombard street (free)

where to eat:
– The new spot on polk ($$)
* their Peruvian coffee is the BEST coffee i’ve ever had! the food was delicious and worth the price and the customer service is also very great.
– China live ($$)
* this place is so aesthetically pleasing. They operate as a store/restaurant. Their food was good, but I wouldn’t come here again.
– Fog harbor fish house ($$)
* we were craving seafood, and sadly their seafood was mediocre. the clams were cooked in an interesting broth… and their prices were outrageous for their portion size. they’re more like three dollar signs to me. However, if you’re lucky and get to be seated by the windows, the view along the harbor is amazing.
– calzone’s restaurant ($$)
*we were starving and in the area, so we decided to try it out. I fell in love with their pasta. Also, you can sit outside along the sidewalk, which was a very popular spot of seating.

If you need help planning a trip here, let me know and i’ll gladly help!

Now, enjoy the pictures. I have more on my vsco 🙂


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