Places to See

San Diego

San Diego is filled with so many free attractions!

Balboa Park: most of the pictures below are from there! It has beautiful structures and it’s a huuuuge park! There’s little shops and museums here and there.
Chinatown: we went here and most shops were closed… but the few that were open were pretty cool to see! that’s where we bought our hats.
Little italy: We ate at a sub shop here and it wasn’t that bad! They had outdoor seating and the weather was perfect.
Sunset cliff: we went here to see the sunset and it was breathtaking. This is a must see place! It wasn’t overcrowded, so we were able to get really good pictures.
walking along the pier (it’s also super close to little italy): there were museums and ships along the pier. We rented this bike thing where I think we each pitched in around $7 to rent it for an hour so we can stroll around. Parking for the pier was quite hard, and I believe we paid a lot of money to park around there.


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