Places to See

Los Angeles

Jose and I went here for our spring break. We wanted to get out of town, and go somewhere that wasn’t too far and also wasn’t too expensive. Surprisingly, LA was where we decided. We decided to drive there, just the two of us. I honestly hated it. I made him drive almost the entire way as I napped away, even though we agreed we’d both drive halfway. Here are some of the things we did:

– get boba: omg, boba places here are soo good. I believe we went to tea guys where I witness a car accident right in front of me. Some girl hit some car and then drove straight into a building. I was walking towards that building.
– kayaking: we used groupon where we rented kayaks for two hours and it was around $30 for both of us? We ended up also renting wetsuits because the water was so cold so that was another $20-$30 extra. Before we even got in the kayak, I asked the person who was showing us the basics what the probability that we would flip over would be and he said it was super slim… I believed him… and realized I made a mistake once we flipped over in our kayaks an hour into our adventure. However, although we didn’t pay extra for their tour (that allows you to go into caves), we still saw the seals that they promoted for their tours.
– an abandoned zoo: or should i say it closed down? Abandoned sounds a lot cooler. It took a short hike up but once you got there, it was kind of strange. There were empty cells where animals once were and it just looked kind of strange… Some areas were closed off because I believe people tend to go their for recreational use of certain things and it gave off a really bad vibe… the area was still accessible because we went anyways.
– LACMA: we paid for student admission tickets, hoping to see the rain room… After we paid, we realized the exhibit was over. The famous lights on the outside was always packed! So it was hard trying to take pictures of myself only, and not have everyone in the background.
– MOCA: we were just walking around the neighborhood and ended up going here because it was free on that day and that time! lucky us!
– The Broad museum: Tickets to the broad museum was sold out that day, so we ended up waiting outside and being on the “waitlist.” We ended up getting tickets into the museum, but their famous exhibit of the light room thing was booked out for months.
– santa monica pier: there’s carnival games here and cute little shops!
– book stores: I don’t remember what it was called, but it’s quite a popular bookstore in LA. the only downside was that the area was really sketchy…
– hot air ballooning: jose always wanted to go hot air ballooning so I wanted to surprise him by taking him! I can’t tell you how much I paid for it, because I still haven’t told Jose and he might be reading this… It was very much worth it. We flew over vineyards and we also drove two and a half hours to get here from LA – so we were up at 4am in order to get here at 6:30am. The place we went to had small breakfast items (muffins) and they transported us with a party bus that had a pole in the middle! They also take pictures of you for free!


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