Life to Live


If you ever feel like the world sucks, news flash: it does. Not everyone and everything in this world is out to get you though. Most people are too busy caring about themselves or what people think of them to purposely go out of their way to make your life miserable. And while there are some people who take pleasure in taking others’ happiness away, that’s not the case with everyone. It’s sort of silly, to me at least, to focus only on the negative aspects of humanity and mope around thinking that there is no goodness in the world. If you truly believe there is no goodness in your life or your world, be that goodness. Go out of your way to be that light in other people’s lives and eventually that positivity will come back to you. Find the positive features in everyone you meet, hand complements out like candy, show kindness every chance you get. You’d be surprised how much a simple compliment or a door held can make someone’s day. Because life sucks, and everyone has their own internal or external struggles. So make life a little less sucky for someone else, it’ll always be returned. -d.c.


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