Things to Do

Christmas Lights!

Ogden lights: they had a parade and sold some snacks! there were also fireworks near the end!
Tree of light (or life??): This one was in Draper I believe. The tree is huge and it’s so nice!
Temple Square lights: of course!
andddddd, neighborhoods! I only took a picture of one house, but some neighborhoods have a story book telling. As you drive from house to house, they each have a huge sign on their yard with decorations and it all combines to become a story. While others have an “interactive” lights decoration that might be interacting with their music.
Park City: They have cute christmas lights strung around!

You can also go to those car things where you pay an admission fee and drive through the lights! You also tune into a radio station to listen to Christmas music and the lights flicker to the rhythm! They’re usually not as pricey if you have lots of passengers to split it up but it’s always so fun! We loved doing that last year!

*I didn’t take much pictures, due to the cold weather. But trust me, they’re all worth seeing!


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