Places to See

Boston, Baby!

Boston – the quieter, cleaner version of New York

My friends and I only stayed a night here, but we regretted it when we landed. Boston is gorgeous, and it has so many things to offer. As we explored the area, we discovered so many cute places and foods. This is where we fell in love with Primark. Primark is a bigger and cheaper version of forever 21. We spent hours in Primark, browsing their items. They sold $5 shoes, pants, and well, almost everything was around that price (besides things such as luggages, jackets, and stuff)! Our total added up to around $100 each, as we all carried a big shopping bag around the city afterwards. Our accommodation was this cute airbnb. It had four levels of rooms and bathrooms, and we were allowed to use the kitchen and laundry room. Their laundry machine was state of the art, and it made me want to do laundry forever!

I don’t remember where we went exactly, but we did go near the pier/harbor, the freedom trail, downtown, and an indoor market that sold food and drinks.

I am a big cupcake lover and restaurants that are so aesthetically pleasing on the inside that I definitely recommend Dig Inn and georgetown’s cupcakes!


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